GNS3 Docker Images
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webterm - Networking Toolbox, Web/GUI version

This image adds the Firefox web browser to ipterm-base. Like ipterm, the /root directory is persistent.

This appliance contains the following networking tools:

  • Firefox web browser
  • net-tools (basic network administration tools)
  • iproute2 (advanced network administration tools)
  • ping and traceroute
  • curl (data transfer utility)
  • host (DNS lookup utility)
  • iperf3
  • mtr (full screen traceroute)
  • socat (utility for reading/writing from/to network connections)
  • ssh client
  • tcpdump
  • telnet
  • mtools (multicast tools msend & mreceive), see

Build and publish the Images

Before ipterm-base has to be build.

docker build -t webterm .
docker push webterm