GNS3 Docker Images
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web_java - Firefox Web Browser, Java and Java Web Start

This image contains the Firefox web browser, Java and Java web start. Please note, that Firefox has disabled the Java plugin, so this is not included in this image. To ease the use with Cisco ASDM a laucher has been added.

The directories /root and /etc/java-8-openjdk are persistent. That allows changes in the java configuration. For example MD5 can be allowed in /etc/java-8-openjdk/security/, which is necessary to run ASDM

This appliance contains the following networking tools:

  • Firefox web browser
  • Java (OpenJDK 8 Java runtime environment)
  • Java web start / JNLP (IcedTea NetX)
  • Launcher for Cisco ASDM
  • net-tools (basic network administration tools)
  • iproute2 (advanced network administration tools)
  • ping and traceroute
  • curl (data transfer utility)
  • host (DNS lookup utility)
  • iperf3
  • mtr (full screen traceroute)
  • socat (utility for reading/writing from/to network connections)
  • ssh client
  • tcpdump
  • telnet
  • mtools (multicast tools msend & mreceive), see

Build and publish the Image

Before webterm and ipterm-base has to be build.

docker build -t web_java .
docker push web_java